Infographic: 5 powerful ways to deal with job search depression

Job search depression is a common emotional challenge that may come with job loss and a prolonged search. The conventional wisdom says positivity and high motivation are the keys to success, so it’s easy to blame yourself when you can’t sustain that. It’s important to understand that motivation fluctuates, moods shift, and situations change. Accepting and learning to deal with your depression is the most practical and beneficial approach- and it will improve your job search outcomes. 

If you’re dealing with job search depression, here are 5 powerful (and easy) ways to cope when you’re feeling down. 

Infographic outlining 5 powerful ways to deal with job search depression. Details of infographic listed below.

Prepare for rejection

Practice self-compassion to see each rejection as a positive learning experience. Ask recruiters for feedback, or track your progress with tools like Buoyancy.

Set a strategy

Set up bite sized goals to stack up small but rewarding accomplishments. Refresh your resume, set a daily application goal or cook yourself a healthy lunch.

Create rituals

Daily and weekly routines create purpose, increase your self-worth and help you get the most out of your day. Set time aside for breaks to combat fatigue and increase productivity.


Connecting with the people who care is a great way to distract yourself and disconnect from job search stress. Maintaining close relationships is vital to overcoming depression.

Hobbies & skills

Get energized by investing more time in new or existing hobbies. Learning and developing skills introduces excitement and can improve your outcomes.

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