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"The big five personality traits in the job search"

The big 5 personality traits in the job search

Employment personality testing is a common but frustrating practice. It’s often used by employers to determine our value or simplify who we are. However, these assessments can also be valuable tools for job seekers looking to learn more about themselves.

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How personality tests can help you in your job search

Last week we talked about personality tests: why employers use them, what they mean and which ones might be helpful. We talked about how frustrating it can be as job seekers when employers use these assessments to determine our value and simplify who we are- creating barriers to the next steps in the hiring process. But, we don’t always realize how these tests can be valuable tools for us when we’re looking for a job.

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The power and frustration of personality assessments

Many employers use personality assessments to identify candidates that “fit” in their organization.

Employers don’t share results often, especially if you’re not selected to move on. This lack of transparency in the process can be frustrating. It’s especially frustrating when we put a lot of time and effort into that application.

We know that the search for meaningful work is different for each of us. This two-part blog on employment personality testing will shed some light on these assessments and their construction.

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