Infographic: System 1 and System 2 Thinking

In the Job Search

System 1 and 2  represent our two different way of thinking about things. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both systems can help you make a practical plan for tackling your job search.

Infographic on System 1 and System 2 Thinking. Details of infographic listed below.
Infographic on System 1 and System 2 Thinking. Details of infographic listed below.

System 1

System 1 is intuitive, fast and impulsive.

We use it to respond to familiar stimuli and situation- like riding a bike or tying our shoelaces.

System 2

System 2 is slow and logical and requires more effort.

We use it while navigating complex or unknown situations- like looking for a friend in the crowd or parking in a tight space.

The Elephant and the Rider Metaphor

The elephant represents System 1. It’s emotional, intuitive, and focused on survival.

The rider represents System 2. It’s rational and excels at planning, problem-solving and decision-making.

The elephant only listens to the rider when it’s calm. If the rider tries to direct the elephant down a new path, it won’t willingly follow.

How to use System 1 and System 2 to Craft your Job Search

Advise the rider

Replicate what’s working for you.

Break large goals down into smaller ones.

Identify the reasons you’re looking for work to frame your search.

Steer the Elephant

After you’ve identified the reasons you’re looking for work, imagine how it’ll feel to secure them. Use these feeling as motivation.

Make the search less daunting by focusing on smaller goals you’ve set.

Connect with your community or support network. Constructive ’emotional support is essential to success.

Shape the Path

Our environment matters. Adapt your environment if it’s not promoting productive behaviour. When we make small changes in our surroundings, it can make it easier for us to choose the right things by eliminating distractions or barriers.

Plan where and when you’ll engage with your job search by completing the following sentence: “This week, I’ll spend at least _ minutes completing (task) on (day) at (time) in (place).

"This week, I'll spend at least 60 minutes researching my top 5 target companies on Thursday at 9:00 AM in Analog Coffee on 17th Ave."

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