Privacy Policy


Last updated: September 29, 2023

The respect of your private life is of the utmost importance for Buoyancy Works Software Corp., who is responsible for this website.

This Privacy Policy aims to lay out :

      • the way your personal information is collected and processed. “Personal information” means any information that could identify you, such as your name, your mailing address, your email address, your location and your IP address. “Personal information” is a synonym for “personal data” within the meaning of Section 2(1) of The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA);

      • your rights regarding your personal information;

      • who is responsible for the processing of the collected and processed information;

      • to whom the information is transmitted;

    • if applicable, the website’s policy regarding cookies.

    This Privacy Policy complement the Terms and Conditions that you may find at the following address:



    We collect the following personal information:

        • Last Name

        • First name

        • Location

        • Email address

        • Other
          • mood, motivation, personality, temperament, vocational interest, self-efficacy measures, work readiness.

      The personal information we collect is collected through the collection methods described in the following section.



      Your personal information is collected through the following methods:

          • Website registration form

          • in-app survey forms

        We use the collected data for the following purposes:

            • Statistics
            • Research
            • Contact
            • Managing the website
            • Sharing with your assigned coach

          3. INTERACTIVITY

          Your personal information is also collected through the interactivity between you and the website. This personal information is collected through the following methods:

              • Forum

              • Comments

              • Correspondence

              • Information for promotional offers

            We use the personal information thus collected for the following purposes:

                • Statistics
                • Research
                • Contact
                • Website management
                • Sharing and interacting with your assigned coach




              4. COOKIES AND LOG FILES

              We collect information through log files and cookies. These allow us to process statistics and information on traffic on the Website, to ease navigation and improve your experience for your comfort.

              Under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the use of cookies and log files that involves the saving and analysis of personal information requires your explicit consent.

              Your consent is considered to be valid for a period as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which the information was collected, as specified by PIPEDA. At the end of that period, or if the purpose for data collection changes, we will ask again for your explicit consent to save cookies and log files on your hard disk.

              a) Cookies used by the Website

              The cookie files used on the Website are the following:

                  • IP address

                  • Operating system

                  • Pages visited and queries

                  • Day and time of connection

                The use of such files allows us to achieve the following purposes:

                    • Improvement of the service and personalized welcome

                    • Order tracking

                    • Statistical surveys

                  By using the Website, cookies from the following third parties may be saved on your hard disk:

                  google,, sendinblue

                  These websites have their own privacy policy and terms and condition that may be different than ours. We invite to look at the privacy policies and terms and conditions from these websites.

                  b) Objection to the use of cookies and log files by the Website

                  You have the right to object to the recording of these cookies and log files by configuring your web browser.

                  Once you have deactivated cookies and log files, you may continue your use of the Website. However, any malfunction resulting from this deactivation may not be considered of our making.



                  We are committed to not selling to third parties or otherwise commercialize the personal information we collect. However, we may share this information with third parties for the following reasons:

                      • Order fulfillment

                      • Partnership

                      • Other:
                        – research and development



                    The controller will keep in its computer systems, in reasonable security conditions, the entirety of the personal information collected for the following duration: 1 year.



                    Our website is hosted by: Bubble Group, Inc., located at the following address:

                    900 Broadway, Suite 504, New York, NY 10003.

                    Personal information we collect and process is transferred to the following countries: USA.


                    8. CONTROLLER

                    a) Controller

                    The “Controller” is: Buoyancy Works Software Corp.

                    The Controller may be contacted as follows:

                    The Controller may be reached by email between the hours of 9am and 5pm (Mountain time) Monday through Friday, excluding Canadian statutory holidays.

                    The Controller is in charge of determining the purposes for which personal information is processed and the means at the service of such processing.

                    b) Obligations of the Controller

                    The Controller is committed to protecting the personal information collected, not to transmit it to third parties without informing you, and to respect the purposes for which personal information was collected.

                    In the event that the integrity, confidentiality or security of your personal information is compromised, the Controller is committed to notify you.



                    You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information by the Website (“right to object”). You also have the right to request that your personal information does not appear, for example, on a mailing list (“right to withdraw”).

                    If you wish to exercise the right to object or the right to withdraw, you must follow the procedure described hereinafter:

                    The user must submit an email to the address listed above with subject line: “Objection to Processing of Personal Information”


                    You have the right to consult, update, modify or request the removal of information about you by following the procedure described hereinafter:

                    The user can modify basic account information through logging in to the site and navigating to selecting Menu>Profile.

                    All other requests must be submitted via email to the address above.

                    If you have a personal account, you may request its removal by following the procedure described hereinafter:

                    To deactivate your account while logged in, the user can navigate to Menu>Profile and select the “Delete Account” button.


                    In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the collection and processing of your personal data comply with the following principles:

                    • Consent and Accountability: Your personal data may only be collected and processed with your explicit consent. Every time your personal data is collected, you will be informed that your personal data is being collected and for what purposes.
                    • Limited Purposes: The data is collected and processed for one or more purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.
                    • Data Minimization: Only personal data necessary for the purpose to which it is necessary is collected.
                    • Limited Retention: Personal data is stored only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was collected.
                    • Integrity and Confidentiality: We are committed to ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the collected personal data.

                    In order to be lawful and to comply with PIPEDA, collection and processing will only occur if one of the following applies:

                    • You have given your explicit consent.
                    • Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract.
                    • Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation.
                    • Processing is necessary to protect your vital interests or those of another individual.
                    • Processing is necessary for a legitimate interest pursued by us or a third party, provided this interest is not overridden by your privacy rights.



                    In accordance with Canadian law relating to the processing of personal data, you also have the rights listed below.

                    To exercise these rights, you must provide your first and last name, your email address, and if relevant, your personal account or membership number.

                    We must answer your request within a reasonable time, not exceeding thirty (30) days.

                    a) Right to Access and Correct Personal Data

                    You have the right to request access to your personal data held by the Website and to correct any inaccuracies. To do so, send an email to with the subject “Access and Correct Personal Information.”

                    b) Right to Withdraw Consent

                    You have the right to withdraw your consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions.

                    c) Right to File a Complaint with the Competent Authority

                    In the event that we do not answer your request, or you wish to challenge our decision, or you believe one of your rights has been infringed upon, you have the right to file a complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada or a provincial privacy commissioner.


                    13. SECURITY

                    Personal information we collect is stored in a secured environment. People working for us are obligated to respect the confidentiality of your personal information.

                    To ensure the security of your personal information, we use the following methods, through our Cloud Service Provider, Bubble Group Inc.:

                        • SSL (Security Sockets Layer) Protocol

                        • SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) Protocol

                        • Access management – person authorized

                        • Access management – person concerned

                        • Network surveillance software

                        • Automatic backup

                        • Digital certificate

                        • Username/password

                        • Firewalls

                        • Other:
                          – anonymization of select demographic data
                          – SSL encryption of select data prior to storage

                      We are committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by integrating the latest technological innovations that allow us to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. Nevertheless, no mechanism can ensure a complete security and transmitting personal information on the Internet always entail a part of risk.


                      14. CHANGES TO OUR PRIVACY POLICY

                      Our Privacy Policy may be viewed at all times at the following address:


                      We reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy in order to guarantee its compliance with the applicable law.

                      You are therefore invited to regularly consult our Privacy Policy to be informed of the latest changes.

                      However, in the event of a substantial change to our Privacy Policy, we will notify you as follows:

                      – notification when logging in to the website
                      – email notification to the email address associated with each user account


                      15. ACCEPTANCE OF OUR PRIVACY POLICY

                      By using our Website, you certify that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and accept its conditions, more specifically conditions relating to the collection and processing of personal information, and the use of cookies.


                      16. APPLICABLE LAW

                      We are committed to respecting the legislative provisions as specified in:

                      – Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), SC 2000, c 5; and/or
                      – Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), Alberta, SA 2003, c P-6.5;

                      These laws govern the collection, use, disclosure, and protection of personal information in Canada and Alberta, respectively. We adhere to these statutes to ensure the highest level of compliance and protection for your personal information.