Elevate Career Support

Buoyancy for Post-Secondary

The Buoyancy Platform is uniquely designed to bridge the gap between traditional career supports and students, ensuring successful job searches while emphasizing mental health and wellbeing. 

Support Student Success

Buoyancy for Post-Secondary empowers institutions to help students develop valuable career development, employability, and job search skills. Buoyancy enhances programs like work-integrated learning by facilitating the process.

Scale Coaching and Counselling Services

Simplify the coaching process with easy-to-use tools that give you a complete view of student progress.

Personalized Student Support

Use data and insights to get an informed understanding of your students' goals, motivators and barriers.

Skill Development

Assign daily snippets and tasks to keep students on track and develop relevant job search skills and strategies.


Buoyancy uses behavioural science to help students struggling with eroded self-confidence, anxiety and low motivation.

Buoyancy’s digital platform helps provide guidance, feedback, and insights to enable students stay on track.

Recommend tasks, set goals and track progress to increase wellbeing and improve job search outcomes.

With a dedicated portal for counsellors and coaches, and a mobile experience for students, Buoyancy helps streamline the coaching process

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