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Be more motivated, positive, and successful with the Buoyancy wellness and coaching app for job seekers… powered by Behavioural Science!

The Buoyancy Works team understands the emotions and uncertainty that come along with searching for a new job. Our app uses behavioural science to help you stay engaged and elevate your job search through coaching and peer support.

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Personal 1-1 Coaching

One-off programs and expensive coaching are often short-term. This can lead to an emotional “yo-yo effect” experienced by job seekers that can negatively impact motivation and engagement.

The Buoyancy app provides ongoing, predictable, and consistent support throughout your search, which is critical to your success.

Build Confidence in Yourself and your Job Search Skills with weekly guidance from your personal assigned coach.

Daily Snippets and Boosting!

Behavioural Boosting

Unlock daily snippets to help build your confidence by developing the skills you need to navigate the job search.

In less than 10 minutes a day, enhance your motivation, engagement and job seeking behaviours with Buoyancy’s behavioural boosting.

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Wellness Tracking and Insights


We’ve heard from our job seeker community that getting no feedback is one of the biggest drivers of frustration and discouragement.

Daily and weekly check-ins help you track key leading indicators of job search success that help make your progress clear.


We help you realize your progress and celebrate your successes. Tracking data and trends help you and your coach generate new insights about how to amplify your engagement and effectiveness.

...and Opportunity Tracking!

We help you stay organized and on top of your best opportunities!

Track how your opportunities progress, due dates, next actions, and follow-ups.